D&AD New Blood 2020
Lost in the
A campaign highlighting the effects of consumerism and how we should think twice before buying unnecessary items, in a world where we already have too much.
It is true we all get a bit lost in the supermarket sometimes, being drawn in by special offers and ‘buy one get one free’ stickers.

In the Song “Lost in the Supermarket” by The Clash, the song writer talks about how he spends his time in the supermarket looking for items to make himself feel better.

The campaign aims to show shoppers that they don’t need to buy special items to feel a certain way and instead think about what they are consuming.
The campaign will begin with a remastered version of the song being released.
Using geo-tagging, facts about consumerism will appear on users instagram stories when they are close to a supermarket, introducing them to the campaign.

Hopefully making them think about their spending habits before they enter the store.