D&AD New Blood 2020
A new bike scheme for Manchester capturing the spirit and pride of what makes the city so great. Riders are encouraged to follow history's paths and discover the city's stories or to use the bikes on their own terms and make their own paths in true MCR spirit.
The scheme takes inspiration from Manchesters famous poet - Tony Walsh’s ‘This Is The Place’ poem and matches the brand with an authentic Manc attitude that encourages users to either discover the city’s historic ‘routes’ or make their own paths in true Mancunian spirit.
The colour scheme takes tones from all over the city from football to the suffragette movement. Manchester has always been a witty yet welcoming home to many different characters, the tone of voice reflects this throughout the advertising and messaging.
The M-WAY app allows users to choose if they would like to follow a history path and explore the culture of the city or make there own path. Each history path has its own theme and bike wrap to enhance the experience, which they can pick up at an allocated docking station around the city. Alternatively the user can pick up any bike and go.